• Kat G

A Year of Gray

Photography by Kathy Scott Photography

To my darling son,

I can't believe a year has gone by since you decided you couldn't wait to make your appearance. One day I look forward to embarrassing you with the story of how I literally had to try to hold you in until my nurse got back in the room to "catch you" because you decided to blast into this world on your own terms. I remember holding you for the first time and pressing my lips against your forehead. In that moment, I was the mom I always wanted to be and never thought I could be.

I'll never be able to explain to you how much strength and courage you gave me simply by existing. Baby boy, you flipped my world upside down in the best possible way. Watching you grow over the last year has been an honor and brought me more joy than you can imagine. Even better than that, you made EB a big sister and she absolutely rocks at it! Seeing the love the two of you share and the patience you have for one another melts my heart daily. You think your sister is the funniest person alive and she loves to make you laugh. I hope as you both grow older you keep the amazing bond you share now and always find a way to brighten each other's lives.

In just one short year, you went from being my trooper in the NICU, learning to breathe and eat well, to being this big ole loveable chunkster who wants any and all food in sight! You are the most determined and persistent child I have ever met and you rival your sister in curiosity and mischievousness. Seeing you grow into your personality and character is a true joy. Thank you for always being willing to snuggle my cheeks, greet me with your nose wrinkled smile every morning and give me those ooey gooey love eyes before trying to headbutt my nose (lol).

I could spend hours writing about how even though we named you Gray, you bring so much radiance and light to those you meet. I can't wait for another year of Gray.

Momma loves you chunks! Forever & Always! <3


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