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Adventure Mindset, Reality Reset

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Every mom knows the story - you make plans to take the kids somewhere fun, wake up excited and ready to get everything together, start getting ready and toddlers or children throw all plans out the window. Even then! You manage to get through the crazy morning list of check boxes to get out of the house and on your way. You arrive at the destination and NOTHING GOES AS PLANNED! Are you with me moms? Got the story in your head? Well take a load off and get ready, because you are NOT ALONE.

Early in October, my friend Crystal and I decided we wanted to take our kids to Frobergs Farm in Alvin, Texas. We were so excited about a beautiful weekend of cool weather and clear skies and thought it would be the perfect time to get some photos with our kids.

So the day comes and I wake up in a fabulous mood. Gray wakes up happy, EB is all pumped about going to see pumpkins - it is bound to be a great day! After coaxing EB to eat breakfast I start getting myself ready. EB decides she wants to do makeup with me for the first time in months and Gray is happily just exploring the bathroom because he is usually only ever allowed in there for bath time. I even somehow managed to get a cute "getting ready" picture! This must be a sign right?!

5 seconds after this picture? I caught Gray with his hand in his sister's floor potty, which she somehow had managed to use that morning without me knowing. So now he is covered in his sister's pee <insert gagging vomit sounds here>. I clean him off while hearing equally repulsed "ick" sounds from EB behind us still happily playing with her fake makeup set. Momentary blip in an otherwise lovely morning! We continue to get ready and EB is verbally helping "check off" my list of things we must do to go see the pumpkins (not because I asked her to but because my daughter is very assertive and stubbornly excited about seeing the pumpkins). And before I know it we are OFF!



Once we get there, we throw our kiddos in their super adorable custom shirts and head to the much longer than expected line to get in. In line, we find out that we only have about an hour and a half before the farm closes (crap!). We managed to get inside, buy our tickets and put our game faces on to see as much of the farm as possible. The girls are being great sports and Gray is just chillin in his stroller living that good toddler life.

We manage to find a few cute spots in the pumpkin patch to get photos with the kids, but as you could expect there were many others waiting for time in all the best photo spots. Sophia (4yo) is a natural and Crystal has already taught her how to pose and smile for pictures. She looks precious! EB? Ha, let's just say if you get my daughter to look at the camera, that's a win! So after a few stumbly, blurry and no one looking the same way family photos of me with my kids (and one awesome photo of our entire group), we walk over to the sunflower trail.

I'll be honest I was most excited about the sunflower trail because I was hoping to maybe get some photos of myself for blog content and posts. I had brought my favorite mustard colored blazer, did my hair and makeup, wore cute boots, so on and so forth. I thought this would be an awesome backdrop for some unique photo content and I had a friend willing to do me the favor. (Side note: it is really hard being a novice blogger with no photography experience, toddlers and no partner to randomly take photos for you when you get a concept idea! I'm making it work though!)

Within a minute (no exaggeration) of being in the sunflower trail EB tells me she needs to use the restroom - we are nowhere near the restroom. We form a barricade on all sides with sunflowers, Gray's stroller and our bodies to allow her privacy to squat and pee in the sunflower trail (if you're judging me now - a little fun fact - I honestly don't care). Immediately after, before I can even get one photo of EB with the beautiful flowers, Gray starts screaming. Evidently my chunkster is hungry. I try to give him a hand held snack, he isn't having it. I look over and his sister is already playing in the dirt (on all floors - literally (face palm). So at this point I'm hot and sweaty, my son is crying from hunger, my daughter has no interest in posing for photos and I am done trying to keep my adventure mode alive. It was time for a reality reset. So I plop my big butt down in the dirt next to my son and pull out the baby food, sippy cup and snacks. This is what being a mom with two kids 3 & under really looks like.

And you know what? After I threw my hair up and stopped caring about getting those perfect pictures? My kids took some of the CUTEST pictures and all of us hunkered down in the sunflower trail taking a selfie was actually pretty memorable and wonderful. Much more fun and silly than perfectly posed photos with my kids. I let go of this expectation that I had to have those picture perfect shots to share with the world or that my daughter or son had to have clean clothes or big smiles on their face to make a photo perfect. All we needed was each other and the amazing company of good friends.

So before you get caught up in all the social media craziness of holiday photos and "picture perfect" moments. Just remember that when you live in the moment, you are already living the best possible life with your kids!

Here's to all the super moms & dads out there doing their best! Y'all are AWESOME!

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