• Kat G

Dear Future Husband

To the next (and last) man I marry,

I don't know who you are or if you even exist. I know I pray for you daily and hope that you're out there looking for someone like me. Some day if we find our way to one another, here are a few things I may not remember to tell you in the moment but are always true.

1. When I'm in a depressive spiral - Don't just tell me it will get better, remind me gently how strong I am and that I'm not alone. Never tell me to get over it.

2. Need to make me smile or lift my spirits? Put on calming music and run your fingers in circles around my back. Or pull me into your arms and dance with me, I can't resist feeling good when I'm dancing.

3. Don't ask me what I want to eat - I never know (literally). Just give me some options and I'll pick from them.

4. I may get worked up often and worry about things that may seem silly to you - that's just me and you'll learn to live with it. But never question my mom-gut.

5. Don't stop dating me, please! Even if its takeout on a park bench or in our backyard. Don't stop making effort, I need it and I crave feeling wanted and pursued.

6. It seems annoying to have to figure me out, trust me I know - my love language shifts based on what I feel deprived of. Give me a little balance of all 5 (heavy on Words of Affirmation) and I'll never doubt your love.

7. I'm a giver and I always put the people I love before myself. Though I have gotten better at making myself a priority please advocate for me to have time for myself doing things I love. It will make me easier to deal with, I promise!

Lastly, don't give up on us. If I ever choose to marry again, it is because I know I'd be willing to go through hell and high water with you - but I won't stay in a one sided marriage. My love is fiercely loyal, stubborn and forgiving, so I won't give up or walk away easily. I hope you'll always choose me and fight for me, because at the end of the day that is what I want most - a man who is willing to fight to keep me and show me he loves me daily.

I can't wait to find you - God willing.



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